Portland Educational Architecture

Merryman Barnes Architects, Inc. is not only familiar with the demands of educational infrastructure projects—we’re also deeply committed to them. One of our core tenants is to provide design and planning services to projects that uplift our communities, and nothing lifts so high as education.

Our approach to educational architectural design in Portland, OR is a marriage of form and function that’s focused on the needs of both teachers and learners alike. We strive for wide-open spaces, creative use of shape and largeness in all our designs, creating spaces that allow for symbolic room for growth.

Featured Projects

We’ve been fortunate enough to provide architectural services in Portland, OR for a wide range of educational facilities, with numerous examples standing out in our portfolio. Some of our favorites and those most illustrative of our work include:

Clarendon Head Start School

St. Anthony Daycare

Portland Relief Nursery


Each of these projects is imbued with the sentiments, styles and values of our team, designed specifically for its occupants. Today, each of these facilities is being used to promote growth and progress.

Our Capabilities

If you’re searching for an architect in Portland, OR for your next educational development, trust the experienced team at Merryman Barnes Architects, Inc. From daycare centers to kindergarten facilities, nurseries to higher education facilities and beyond, we welcome educational infrastructure projects of all types and remain deeply committed to producing results that further the mission of education.

For more information about our portfolio of educational infrastructure projects or to sit down to discuss your needs with one of our principals, please contact us today by calling 503-222-3753. We’re ready to lend our creativity, expert oversight and passion to your project.