Portland Religious Architecture

With a rich history of architectural majesty and grandeur, places of worship have always been a sight to behold. Merryman Barnes Architects, Inc. is proud to have had a hand in creating some of these buildings ourselves over the decades, blending beauty and spiritualism into testaments of faith.

For religious architectural design in Portland, OR, we focus on height, light and focal accents. We see religious architecture as an opportunity to connect people with their faith, and we do so by providing them with a space that’s comfortable, impressive and accommodating. The idea is to create a welcoming openness that draws people in and warms them, while encouraging their exaltation of something greater.

Featured Projects

Our team has provided oversight for a number of religious-themed developments throughout the years, and we’ve proudly lent our architectural services in Portland, OR to ensure these visions of beauty have been able to take corporeal form. Some of the projects we’re most proud of include:

Marylhurst Archive Building

St. Anthony Church

St. Juan Diego Church


These projects showcase our attention to detail, passion for unique design and dedication to application. They’ve become part of the non-secular communities that utilize them and are beholden to the beliefs they’re rooted in.

Our Capabilities

Our work as a leading architect in Portland, OR encompasses all varieties of non-secular design and planning. We have a depth of experience in working with churches and other houses of worship, as well as buildings with other religious intent, including archives, places of study and outreach establishments.

To consult with our experienced management team or to inquire about working with our principals on a design that’s unique for your non-secular building, please contact us today by calling 503-222-3753. We relish the opportunity to work in tandem with your ideas, to bring your development to life.