Portland Single Family Architecture

Everyone should love the space where they live. Your home should support your lifestyle, provide you with comfort and peace, and speak to your tastes and preferences. When designing for home remodels or new homes, the team at Merryman Barnes Architects, Inc. keeps individuality at heart, ensuring we design something that’s uniquely you.

As distinguished residential architects in Portland, OR, we have a rich history of designing living spaces that are indicative of the people occupying them. And while we take the time to thoroughly consult with our clients to learn their vision for their living space, we work hard to incorporate elements that we also hold near and dear. Look for our architectural designs to leverage windows and natural light, beautiful woodwork, vertical space, straight lines and more.

Feature Projects

Combined, our penchant for warmth in design and our clients’ vision for the perfect living space have yielded numerous houseplans in Portland, OR that we’re proud to showcase as part of our portfolio. Some of our favorites include:

Anderson Polson

Complete remodel of a Mid-century modern home in Portland OR.

Griffith Sorenson




Nelsen Hearn


These projects stand as a testament to our capabilities and flexibility in design. They feature our firm’s many hallmarks, yet stand unique and true as the distinguished spaces they are. It’s these examples that we leverage when approaching your single-family architecture.

Our Capabilities

Our capacity as a leading residential architect in Portland, OR spans the gamut. From single-room remodels to designs for your brand-new dream home and beyond, we can tackle every room of the home to yield beautiful results. We specialize in kitchen and dining areas, living spaces and home offices.

To see your vision for the perfect living space brought to life by our talented, tenured team of architects, contact us today by calling 503-222-3753. We’ll work with you to make sure every element of our designs aligns with your needs and wants for an ideal home.