Architectural Design Services Portland, OR

At Merryman Barnes Architects, Inc., we have a passion for infrastructural design and remodeling. With over 35 years of experience and a tenured team of successful professionals, there’s no challenge too great or a task too small for us to handle. We offer a variety of services focused on high-tech architecture, unique cultural designs, institutional remodeling, site analysis, space programming and master planning.

Award-Winning Planning and Design

Architecture in Portland, OR is about more than just designing for aesthetic and longevity—it’s also about designing to meet the needs of occupants and the community. At Merryman Barnes Architects, Inc., we design more than just beautiful buildings and accommodating spaces: we bring buildings to life that benefit our clients and communities. From empowering office buildings, to functional infrastructure projects, to idyllic recreational facilities and more, our firm takes pride in the capabilities we bring to every project and the unparalleled standards we hold ourselves to. We believe that everyone deserves a beautiful place to live or work, and it’s this ethos that drives us to create.

We stand apart from other architecture firms in Portland, OR not just because of our holistic focus, but also thanks to our breadth of capabilities. We offer full-spectrum services that go beyond just design and planning—we also assist with feasibility studies, public outreach, zone code analysis and more. Our dedication to designing beautiful buildings and bringing them to life knows no bounds, and we’ll go the distance to make sure our creations come to fruition. With a focus on sustainable projects, community service and corporate stewardship, we strive to create establishments that stand the test of time, to continue serving the purpose for which they were designed.

  • Our completed portfolio of projects spans the gamut of building uses—from residential, to commercial, to mixed-use, to educational, non-secular and beyond.
  • We’re a 100% certified, women-owned business—one of the first in the Pacific Northwest.
  • Together our leadership team brings a combined 100 years of experience to every job.
  • We’re dedicated to tackling projects that make a difference in our local communities, and we strive for sustainability across every project we work on.
  • Our company culture is the key to our success. We believe in core tenants such as volunteerism, ongoing education, and continuous personal and professional development.

Connect With Our Team

If you have a vision waiting to be brought to life through architecture, we’re ready to help you see it through to fruition. Contact our team today to consult with us about our abilities.