Portland Multi-Family Architecture

Merryman Barnes Architects, Inc. has a depth of experience and knowledge regarding multi-family architecture and houseplans in Portland, OR. As a core focus of our design and planning, multi-family establishments have given us deep insight into the way people live and how we can best help them to enjoy the space they call home.

Our multi-family house plans in Portland, OR are visually engaging, accommodating to numerous lifestyles and designed with supreme livability in mind. We create architecture that people are proud to not just call home, but to care for and uphold. From striking façades, to communal spaces, to industrial accents and more, our hallmarks can be seen on multi-family developments around the Portland, OR area.

Featured Projects

As we continue to create captivating multi-family dwellings, we frequently reflect on the projects that have defined our success in the past. By reflecting upon the developments that have become central to life for so many people, we’re able to create a future of like-minded results. Staples in our multi-family portfolio include:



Old Town Lofts

Eastlake Village

New Columbia

Wood Park Terrace

Sheridan Senior Estates

Nuevo Amanecer


These are places where people live happily and fully, surrounded by architecture and amenities that are value-additive to their quality of life. We’re proudly reminded of our mission to create warmth and livability across all residential architecture projects we assume.

Our Capabilities

The Merryman Barnes Architects, Inc. team has assumed multi-family, communal housing projects from across the spectrum. We’re deeply familiar with condominiums, senior living facilities, side-by-sides, lofts, apartments and dormitory-style housing. Our team understands the nuances each style of project demands and we draw upon decades of proven delivery to ensure all necessary features and amenities are included in our designs.

For additional portfolio examples or to consult with our principal team regarding your multi-family development, please contact us today by calling 503-222-3753.