Portland Infrastructural Architecture

One of the core beliefs at Merryman Barnes Architects, Inc. is investing ourselves in projects that improve our communities. That’s why, with great diligence, we frequently pursue infrastructure projects. These municipal installations become the foundation on which our communities grow, and we’re proud to have a hand in that growth via architectural design in Portland, OR.

In tackling infrastructure projects, our mission is simple: bring beauty, warmth and accommodation to the people who will utilize our facilities. We take pride in marrying eye-catching design with practical planning, creating robust concepts that become fixtures where they’re erected. We see our infrastructure architecture as transformative, from the city’s skyline to its ground-level installations and everywhere in between.

Featured Projects

Our infrastructure projects range from municipally-commissioned sites to private commercial architecture in Portland, OR. Our portfolio offers a strong combination of projects that illustrate the diversity of our capabilities and the underlying concepts with which we operate on. Some of our infrastructure achievements include:


Lafayette Pedestrian Bridge

Flavel Maintenance Yard

Willamette Homeless Shelter


Today, you’ll see completed projects like these throughout Portland and the Pacific Northwest, where every day they’re accommodating the needs they were commissioned to fill. And, in accordance with our mission, they’re doing so at the behest of the communities benefitting from them.

Our Capabilities

Infrastructure projects take many forms and demand many specifications during the design and planning process. Merryman Barnes Architects, Inc. welcomes the task of any infrastructure project, big or small, and strives to ensure our architectural designs conform to the specific needs of the project. From public works projects to private infrastructure establishments, we’re ready, willing and capable of tackling the gamut.

For information regarding our expertise or experience with infrastructure architecture or to inquire about the unique needs of your specific project, please contact us today at 503-222-3753.